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Thank You!
by Halie on 

A Kielly Insurance Agency Blog? We’re sure you’re asking -- what is this about and what does it even mean?

Well it was only fitting that we introduce this blog, with a formal thank you to all our existing clients. It is you after all who inspired us to move forward with this idea.

The last quarter of the year is as good as any to remind you how much we value you. Rather than waiting until the start of a calendar year, now is the time to embrace the new. To continually strive to stay up to date with the newest and greatest technology and ahead of the game with a new social media plan (we’ve certainly slacked there as of late).

Without each and every one of you, we wouldn’t have a business to run. So this is our way of saying thank you to you. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your continued trust in our family and agency. Thank you for allowing us to continue to build on your trust.

And stay tuned, because we have a lot of great content ready for you as we introduce the Kielly Insurance Agency Blog.

Thank you again,

Jo-Ann, Halie, Duane & Kathy

The Kielly Insurance Agency

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